Amazing Facts about Nails and Why Artificial Nails Are So Popular

Nails are one of the important features of the body. It protects the sensitive tips of figures and toes from injuries and also helps in picking small objects with a good grip.

The nails are even more complex than your imagination. Did you know these amazing facts about nails?

  1. Your nails can grow 3-4 millimeters per month:

Yes, you will be surprised to know, but your nails can grow 3-4 millimeters per month, which means 0.1 millimeters a day. 

  1. Fingernails grow faster during summer:

According to different research, it is proven that fingernails grow faster during the summer season. There are different theories behind this fact. The first theory supports that sun exposure and absorption of vitamin D promote growth. 

The second theory states that nutrition factors and hydration are responsible for the faster growth of fingernails.

  1. Men’s fingernails grow faster than females:

If you believe that the woman’s nails grow faster, then this fact is for you. Men’s nails grow faster than the female nails. Men’s nails can grow 3.5 millimeters per month.

Artificial Nails: 

 Amazing facts Why Artificial Nails Are So Popular

Nails are also considered as a beauty of women’s hands and they spend dollars in making them look beautiful with expensive manicure. Today, the market also offers artificial glue on nails, which you can easily stick onto your fingernails and get an instant fast manicure at home. 

Why Have Artificial Nails Become So Popular?

Artificial nails are becoming popular among women due to different reasons. Here we have listed a few of them below. 

  1. They are attractive:

The artificial nails are made of high-quality material, which makes them smooth and shiny. You will also find painted and styled artificial nails in the market, which you could easily apply in order to get a fresh manicure at an affordable price. 

The amazing colors and designs also made artificial nails popular among people as it allows them to improve the beauty of their hands effortlessly. 

  1. They are inexpensive:

Artificial nails are inexpensive compared to a manicure. You have to pay at least $35-$50 or more for a good manicure. On the other hand, you can get a set of artificial nails for $10-$20.

So, the inexpensiveness of artificial nails is making them popular among women as it allows them to get a fresh manicure every day at home at an affordable price. 

  1. They are available in every shape and sizes:

Yes, you will find false glue on nails in different shapes, sizes, and lengths, which allows every woman to find their ideal type. You could simply get the right length according to your desire and enjoy a manicure at the best price. 

Plus, you can also reuse the false glue on nails more than five times with the right care and get the best value for money. 

On a short note: 

Artificial nails are an easy approach to getting polished hands every day with a fresh manicure at home. So, invest your money in high-quality false nails to enjoy the best benefits.