What Is The New Nail Trend For 2023

What Is The New Nail Trend For 2023

The year 2022 was a dynamic and huge year for nails, from Matte ombre nails, Stiletto nails to French ombre nails.  Everyone rocked different and various styles for nails ranging from fashion icons and celebrities who walked on the red carpet, it was all full of glamor. Another year is here again and guess what will be the topic of every conversation for nail lovers? What is the new nail trend for 2023? Yes! You can say that again because there are already some new trends everyone is talking about which you will be looking at in this wonderful piece.


In this article, you will be looking at what the new nail trend for 2023 is and what brought about them. Nails are beautiful and if done right? They can be durable for about 4 weeks before changing. What is the new nail trend for new nails in 2023?


The Top 5 New Nail Trends for 2023

From low maintenance to high-cost maintenance for nails, these following nail trends are going viral right now around the world and it is something you need to watch out for. These nails are unique to rock, and tend to give you the best nail beauty you can ever get.

 1. Chrome Nails

A lot of nail technicians always get fascinated by the look of chrome nails because of their shining state after going through the whole necessary stages. With its ability to be composed with various components, chrome nails have made their way to becoming among the latest new nail trends for 2023.

 Chrome Nails

2.Barbiecore Nails


The next on our list is the barbiecore nails. Just as the name implies”barbiecore”. Almost everyone is aware that the word barbie goes with the color pink. The hot pink style is starting to take hold of every wardrobe, making nail styles interesting.  Pink is a neutral color and we can see runway models running the color on occasions and events.

 Barbiecore Nails


3. Milky Magic

During the spring season, a nude manicure is a must-have. One thing about the milky magic nails is that it is a style anyone can get to do at home to just feel relaxed with a little effort. When asking the question, "what is the new nail trend for 2023? the milky magic is a force to reckon with.


 Milky Magic


4. Vampy red Nails

This is a special one when it comes to nail trends. You cannot do without the color red. Models have been known for bringing back the vampy red nails on the runway and it has become a household color to stay with. The truth is, you cannot go wrong with the vampy red nails glow.

 Vampy red Nails


5. French Tips

The french nail trend isn't one to fade out very soon. It is among the trending nail tips for a reason. Whichever glow you decide to wear, the french nail has you covered with multiple effects and glow. The runway has been flooded with these nail trends over the years and is now in 2023. The french nail is definitely here to stay.

 French Tips